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Description: Dive deep into the mystical world of Tarot with our extended 90-minute Tarot Advising Session at La Dolce Dana. This immersive experience allows you to explore your life's most pressing questions and profound insights in a relaxed and unhurried setting. Our experienced Tarot reader will guide you through a personalized journey, drawing on the ancient wisdom of the Tarot to illuminate your path. Whether you seek clarity on love, career, relationships, or personal growth, this extended session offers you the time and space to delve into your questions and uncover hidden truths.


What to Expect:


1. In-Depth Exploration: With twice the time of a standard session, you can explore your questions and concerns in detail. Our Tarot expert will carefully select and interpret multiple cards to provide a comprehensive understanding of your situation.

2. Personalized Guidance: Our Tarot reader will offer practical guidance and advice tailored to your unique circumstances. You'll gain valuable insights and strategies to navigate life's challenges and make informed decisions.

3. Deep Reflection: The extended session allows for a deeper exploration of the Tarot's symbolism and how it relates to your life. You'll have ample time to discuss the intricacies of the cards and their significance.

4. Follow-Up Questions: After your initial reading, you can ask follow-up questions to further clarify or expand on the insights gained during the session, ensuring you leave with a profound sense of clarity.

5. Energy and Intuition: The extended duration of this session allows you to tap into your intuition and connect with the energy of the Tarot on a more profound level. It's a transformative experience that can empower you to embrace your journey with confidence and wisdom.


Discover the magic and wisdom of the Tarot in a leisurely and enriching 90-minute session at La Dolce Dana. Our aim is to guide you toward a brighter and more enlightened path. Book your extended Tarot Advising Session today and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

90-Minute Tarot Advising Session (In Person)

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