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The Fool Upright


1. I embrace new adventures with an open heart and an open mind.

2. I trust in the journey of life, knowing that every step leads me to growth and wisdom.

3. I release fears and doubts, allowing my intuition to guide me towards limitless possibilities.

4. I approach challenges with a sense of curiosity and playfulness, knowing that I can overcome them with resilience.

5. I live in the present moment, cherishing the beauty and magic that surrounds me every day.


The Explorer

  • Free spirit

  • Nonconformist

  • Curious

  • Adventurous

  • Spontaneous

  • Optimistic

  • Open-minded

  • Idealistic

  • Independent

The upright Fool lives in the moment and embraces the unknown with childlike wonder and joy. This archetype is always seeking new horizons and boldly goes where no one has gone before.

The Explorer Fool courageously heads off the beaten path in pursuit of discovery and experience. This archetype is eager to learn, grow, and expand perspectives through exploration.

The Fool trusts intuition over logic, follows their heart over practicality. Taking risks and diving into the unfamiliar does not deter the Explorer Fool. This archetype seizes opportunities for adventure.

As an Explorer, the Fool symbolizes an openness to infinite possibilities. Their enthusiasm propels them forward to uncover and illuminate hidden meanings, wisdom, and truths.

Card description

A young woman ascends the ancient stone steps leading up to a seaside Indonesian temple. Dressed in a simple yet elegant pink linen dress, she walks barefoot, connected to the earth. Behind the woman sprawls the mountainside, by the bright sky. Beyond, the tranquil blue ocean kisses the black sand beach. The woman does not look back, but she gazes ahead, up the steps leading to whatever awaits at her destination - unknown, but full of promise. Her shoulders are relaxed, her breath even. She moves with mindfulness, fully present. Her bare feet welcome the smooth cool stone beneath them. She is ready to leave behind the past and begin the next chapter. The woman embodies the spirit of the Fool card. With an open heart and sense of optimism, she fearlessly walks into the future, guided only by her inner light.

Each step infused with hope.


The Fool tarot card upright in a career reading often signals a time of new beginnings, taking a leap of faith, and starting a new venture or job. As the first card of the Major Arcana, it represents innocence, spontaneity, and optimism as you embark on a new path. In terms of career, when the Fool appears it can indicate that you are on the verge of a fresh start professionally. Perhaps you are considering a career change, going after a promotion, or pursuing new education. The Fool brings the spirit of excitement, freedom and ambition. However, as you take this leap of faith, the Fool also reminds you to ground yourself in practical planning and preparation. While you should absolutely embrace the inspiration and potential, balance it with common sense. Avoid reckless decisions. Move forward, but carefully plant your feet.

Overall, the Fool upright in a career spread encourages you to have the courage to begin a new chapter. With an open and enthusiastic mindset, but a realistic plan, you can make the most of the bright opportunities along your path. This is a time to embrace your adventurous spirit and start a new journey.


When the Fool appears upright in a financial reading, it often indicates a leap of faith, taking a financial risk, or investing in a new venture. As the first card of the Major Arcana, the Fool represents fresh starts, optimism, and embracing the unknown. In financial matters, the upright Fool can signify pursuing an entrepreneurial path or investing in a new business idea. It encourages taking a chance despite uncertainties. There is excitement about the potential, and a willingness to try something new even if success is not guaranteed. The Fool can also represent a large purchase that feels intuitively right, but logic cannot justify. Buying a house, switching careers, or relocating would fall under the Fool's spirit of following one's dreams over practicality. However, when taking risks or spending on faith, the Fool also cautions against recklessness. Ground your visions with financial savvy. Do your research, consult experts, and carefully plan investments or purchases. Overall, the upright Fool in finances encourages you to have an open mind, embrace creativity, and see opportunities. But balance optimism with common sense. By blending vision and pragmatism, you can manifest success and abundance.


  • New beginnings, entering a new phase

  • Taking a leap of faith, starting a new journey

  • Being open to infinite possibilities

  • Embracing folly, playfulness, living in the moment

  • Acting on faith without guarantees

  • Being innocent, naive, or insensitive

  • Having optimism and confidence

  • Feeling inspired and ready for an adventure

  • Being spontaneous, free-spirited, adventurous

  • Exploring unconventional solutions

  • Having little regard for practical matters

  • Diving in without proper planning or preparation

  • Taking unnecessary risks

Upright, the Fool tarot card represents approaching life with an open heart and open mind. It speaks of embracing all the experiences, wisdom and growth each moment has to offer without fear or judgement.

The Fool reminds us that while we think we may know where our path leads, we cannot know the full picture. So move forward with curiosity, wonder and acceptance of wherever the path takes you. Hold the spirit of a beginner's mind.

Though the Fool may seem careless, remember that innocence and madness can illuminate truths that logic cannot see. Trust your heart and intuition. The start of a new journey is an auspicious time.

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